Thursday, October 6, 2011

NIU IM Student learns about social media firsthand

Tyler Miller, an Interactive Marketing senior student reports on his social media internship and says , "Over the summer I interned at an experiential marketing agency in downtown Chicago, Legacy Marketing Partners. They are currently on Event Marketer Magazine’s “Top 100 Agencies”. While there, I worked alongside their social media guru and aided her in developing projects for clients.

My work consisted partly of online research into what trends were and who the top influencers were on social media for particular interests and industries. The clients I worked on projects for were all major national and multi-national brands, ranging from alcohol brands to appliance brands to quick service restaurants. During my time there I helped develop ideas for how social media could be used to enhance real world events, as well as programs that would take place entirely online. I was afforded the opportunity to help with projects for current clients and for potential business.

I learned a lot about all the work that goes into a social media campaign and how social media campaigns tie in with those in other channels. I was well prepared for this experience through my classes at NIU where we had already had some exposure to social media marketing and had worked with a social media tool. However, in my internship I also learned a lot that can't be taught in the classroom, such as the dynamics of an agency, how agencies run, how they work with clients, and how they often work with other agencies."
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