Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Students work to beat benchmark cluster

This semester in Database Marketing we had the unique opportunity to work on some real-life data from Restaurant.com, a generous sponsor of our program. Here is a picture of my students working on a unique two-step cluster model to try to create a segmentation scheme better on some variable than the one that was presented by Restaurant.com. The students have a number of variables to choose from to create their clusters and I have a picture above of their hard work...is that steam I see coming from their heads or is it just the promise of extra credit?

I just came back from the DMEF/DMA conferences and a lot of other educators cannot believe what our students can do in analytics at an undergraduate level. After great preparation in our Marketing Research class, the students are able to analyze augmented customer databases and solve real-world problems using SPSS as a data analysis tool. Many of our students have gone to work at Nielson, Millward Brown and others and the analytical preparation they received has helped them on the job. Let us know if you need recent grads with these skills.
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