Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mktg Tech Class learns salesforce and salesgenie interfaces

This week I reviewed the class sales genie assignment. The assignment was to search salesgenie and download not more than 100 leads of companies that might be of interest for a career search.

Although some had trouble with the search interface to begin with, students were favorably impressed with the amount of information that could be downloaded in a short period of time. Almost everyone said the biggest challenge was figuring out what they wanted to do, what kind of company they wanted to target, not the tool itself.

We have been talking about strategy in class regarding marketing technology and I would ask you to think about yourselves in this context as you enter the job market. That is to say, what makes you unique and what can you offer?

There will be some more sales genie sign up times as we work on the project. Let me know if you want to do some more searches. You have a unique opportunity to use your login to manage your job search this semester. We loaded the salesgenie leads into salesforce and you can add others manually or through the uploading process.

So what makes you unique?
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