Thursday, February 10, 2011

Students learn Google Adwords this week

We are moving into a phase of the course where we will be preparing our project plan for the project and some students may choose to run a google adwords campaign. So we delved into adwords as a program in a bit more detail this week, I thought the most interesting aspect of the adwords videos we looked at was the notion of having ads that are specific and include what we would call in 'direct marketing' a 'call to action.' For example, for a Valentine's Day ad include specific information on the ad, like free shipping on roses if you click now, rather than just posting an ad for a florist shop.

Keywords selected that are tightly tied to the ad are also likely to improve quality score. It always amazes me how many advertisers still don't adhere to these good principles, particularly using a destination URL or landing page to track their campaign. Here is a link to one of the videos with some good tips for adwords.
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