Monday, November 30, 2009

Dreamweaver and web design

We looked at the Dreamweaver program over the past few sessions. Dreamweaver creates cleaner HTML code as opposed to word and has a number of other advanced features. The ability to create a separate Dreamweaver 'site' has the advantage of making sure everything needed for the web site is in one place: Cascading Style Sheets knowns as CSS (preformatting for your web page), photos, images and HTML pages. In lab, we recommend putting that site on the network drive and/or backing it up on a portable drive as well. I have been able to solve some problems with website displays by reminding students to put everything in their www folder that the web site needs, including CSS's and images. Also, make sure in Dreamweaver you just have the image name and not a specific location on the desktop or network drive, otherwise the image will not display. Remember to use tables and not frames for your web page for good web design. Enjoy your web site design!
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