Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The power of viral video

We have been having so much fun with our YouTube campaign that I have almost forgotten to blog about it. We really had some wonderful results for, our Professional Sales Program and the Interactive Program. I have included the results to find the four videos for our program below. Students found that facebook, particularly creating an event, was the most successful way to get the viral effect. We jumped to the first page on google when searching for the term Interactive Marketing and are currently number two. We could never have paid for that type of search ranking in PPC! Web site traffic is also up by over 75% and enrollment in our advanced classes is up over 30%. Great job everyone and a great lesson in viral marketing. We learned that a specific landing page or micro site would have made it easier to track campaign results and that tracking results of viral campaigns is in general a challenge, particularly unique views. Students got a chance to actually report on and analyze the analytics information provided in YouTube. Overall, we are pleased with our results, learned a lot and had some fun. Students said in their papers that the learning by doing experience of running a real campaign helped them understand what Interactive Marketing was all about and what they might do in their future careers.

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone. Check out our videos below.
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