Monday, March 2, 2009

Recent Symposium Highlights Job Search Advice for Undergrads

I attended on Friday the Okner Symposium with my students which is an update on direct and interactive marketing and also hints on the job search. Dr. Zahay has been trying to work with the students so that they know how to find a job in a tough market and it was great to see that the speakers reinterated a lot of this advice. The most important thing, whether the market for new grads is up or down, is to find out what you are interested in and can be passionate about and go for it. Make sure that you can talk about yourself in a 30 second or 60 second promotional if someone asks you what you are all about. Make statements in the promotional and on job interviews benefits-oriented. In other words, show the company what you can do for them. In this kind of market, you need to be aggressive, so start creating a list of companies for whom you would like to work. Join networking groups and try to find out who you know is at these companies. Get a contact first and call and then ask if you can send a resume. Students today rely too much online but the good jobs are not even hitting the online boards because there are so many applicants. If you are persistent and have something to contribute, as well as good underlying skills in math, writing, and presentations, you will find a job.
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