Monday, March 23, 2009

Exploding networks

We are really started to exploit the power of networks for connections, learning, staying in contact. I wonder how much the down economy has contributed to this activity? I notice that Twitter is now in the top three of social networks, up from twenty-three just a few short months ago. It seems when times are tough people band together, particularly to find jobs or new sales opportunities. We will be creating a group on linkedin for our grads in the interactive program to touch base with folks in the greater Chicago Community. The guest speakers in my classes keep emphasizing the power of networking, as well as knowing your strengths and being able to describe the value you can add to a company in a thirty second/sixty second format. I always tell students to follow their passion; we had good news that a former student found a job working in radio, where it turns out they are using a lot of interactive applications so that customers interaface with the station online through a loyalty program which increases the amount of time spent listening ( I encouraged this student to follow his passion and that if he wanted to work in radio he should go for it. It is better to be passionate about something when you have to go to work everyday. There is a new group on linkedin for job seekers and Melissa Giovagnoli invites job seekers to share the following: 1)your top three strengths, 2) your top four values, 3) the type of position you are looking for 4) the types of companies or a list of the top three companies you are looking to get into and 5) connections with two companies you have relationships with. is the link to this blog.
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