Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where Can You Find Resources for Website Conversion?

Conversion Concept Came from Direct Marketing

This upcoming week in Internet Marketing class at +Aurora University,  we are discussing direct marketing foundations of the internet.  One of the key aspects of direct marketing that has been invaluable in Internet Marketing is the concept of conversion.  +Brian Massey and I gave a talk at the Chicago Conversion Conference last summer that outlined some of the concepts of website optimization that came from direct marketing.  For example, the concepts of A/B testing and measuring the results of direct marketing campaigns are critical to establishing a successful web site.

New Toolbox Site Launched by SiteTuners 

My professional colleague at SiteTuners, +Tim Ash, CEO and the author of the book Landing Page Optimization,  has launched the Conversion Ninja Toolbox to help marketing professionals improve their conversion rate on the web. The tool is free and includes a directory of resources  for many aspects of website conversion.

Some of the resources available for web marketers include:

  • Creation tools for wire-framing, content development, landing page development and more.
  • Diagnostic tools to  identify the biggest areas for improvement of website performance and usability.
  • Engagement tools  to take efforts to the next level with tools for abandonment recovery, personalization and interaction.
  • Testing and Improvement tools for large enterprises as well as no-cost tools for smaller sites.

Site Includes Experts and Other Resources

The site also includes a list of experts and other resources for conversion optimization such as books and conferences.  The site also allows users to rate and review tools.  Conversion optimization can make a big difference to firms looking to maximize their web site performance.  I found the list of tools to be comprehensive and plan to use this resource kit when teaching website design and usability later in the Spring.  Thanks, Tim for the great resources.

By Debra Zahay-Blatz.
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