Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Power of Creativity Revealed

AU Students Visit Two Creative Companies

Today I am reporting the highlights of our two corporate visits on Friday, November 8th with the Aurora University Marketing students.  We had an interesting day and learned more about the creative side of marketing.  We went to +AnswersMedia, a video production company that features a high-tech facility and Red Frog Events, an event marketing firm with a unique corporate culture. We spent about an hour and a half at each firm and the students learned about these possible careers in marketing.  The firms definitely are examples of choice for those wishing to explore some of the more creative aspects of a marketing career.

Video production, green screen
AU Students and Dr VanderSchee on the "Green Screen"

Answers Media:  Creativity and Technology at Work

At Answers Media our host was Account Executive Katie Power.  We had a tour of the studios and the control room.  The company has one of the few facilities in town that can broadcast live video. We got a chance to stand in front the green screen and see ourselves with a different background on the monitor.

The technology enables the company to work for large agencies, public relations firms, associations and other companies to provide video production services for commercials, music videos and television programs.  The company features two kitchens for use in cooking shows and also provides integrated marketing services.  AnswersMedia redesigned the LavaLamp website and also created some video advertising for them with an integrated look and feel.

Answers Media has also done work for larger brands such as Doritos and Toyota.  Clients have to be on a short time frame and the company often has to work quickly.  There are internships available on the creative and account sides of the firm, but definitely more on the creative side.  The company even employs a medical animator for working with pharmaceutical companies.

Red Frog Events:  Creativity in the Workplace

In the afternoon, we visited +Red Frog Events, where we were hosted by Hannah and Lizzie.  We had a complete tour of the company, including the tree houses, swings and puzzle room. The workplace theme is "Camp Red Frog."

event marketing, red frog events
AU Students and Drs. Vander Schee and Zahay-Blatz at "Camp Red Frog."

Red Frog Invents "Active Event" Industry

The company produces unique weekend events and hires many interns as "Tadpoles" to help with these special events that have become the firm's signature. The firm looks for people who want to use their creativity and passion in the workplace and laugh along the way. Company Founder, Joe Ryan, tries to create outdoor, weekend events with a creative twist, such as the Great Urban Race, Rirefly Music Festival and Warrior Dash.  The company virtually created the 'active event' industry. Tadpoles work hard but enjoy the company perks such as free lunches workout facilities and unlimited vacation days.   Theme days such as Jersey Thursday and Pajama Day break up the work week and help compensate for long hours on the job when working events.

Competition for Jobs is Intense

Red Frog is listed on Inc. Magazine's "Fastest Growing Companies List" and is consistently listed as one of the best places to work, particularly for the Millennial Generation.  Those who seek to work at Red Frog must go through a long interview process and commit to live the Red Frog principles, such as live with passion, anticipate challenges, be an ideal teammate, embrace change and do exceptional work.  Students can also volunteer at events to get an idea of what it would be like to work for the firm.

The company is always looking for new interns and those seeking a fun and fast-paced environment should consider this firm. Those who make it past "Tadpole" status become "Frogs" and receive full-time positions. Impressively,  the company seeks to donate $25 million from its events to +St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for a proton therapy research center, through partnership with their events.

By Debra Zahay-Blatz.
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