Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top Research Priorities in Interactive Marketing?

I recently became Editor-in-Chief of the Journal for Research in Interactive Marketing. Our mission is, according to the web site, " to address substantive issues in interactive, relationship, electronic, direct and multi-channel marketing and marketing management. With its origins in the discipline and practice of direct marketing, the journal aims to publish progressive, innovative and rigorous scholarly research for marketing academics and practitioners."

I recently created a word cloud of the topics covered in the last two years and wonder if we are hitting the mark? I see little research in search optimization, email marketing, multi-channel management, video marketing, b2b lead generation, online branding or other issues relating to that are of relevance to marketers according to my discussion with practitioners and other analyses that I have done of leading issues in Interactive Marketing by analyzing email subject lines. Notably absent are the measurement issues which seem to plague all marketers.

Help me develop the best journal possible by providing insight to the issues in practice that you would like to see researched in a rigorous manner by marketing academics. Provide comments to the blog or email me at Thanks in advance for your help.

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