Monday, May 16, 2011

Mixing, Matching and Messing With the Push and Pull Marketplace: Don Schultz tells it like it is in IMC on May 18th

Don Schultz, internationally known consultant and emeritus professor at Northwestern University will speak at our 'Hot Topics in Internet Marketing' conference on Wednesday May 18th at NIU Naperville on "Mixing, Matching and Messing With the Push and Pull Marketplace." Don is one of the leading experts on IMC and essentially created the field a few years back. We are excited to have him at the conference. I have had a chance to get a sneak peak at Don's slides and I think you will really enjoy the message he has to present.

Don will talk about how the traditional marketer's toolkit, the 4 p's and mass communication, has become obsolete and what we need to do as marketers to operate successfully in the new world of integrated marketing communications. Don always has provocative comments and I just heard him speak to an academic audience on Friday about what we can do to cope in this time of discontinuous change. I don't want to give away the whole store but I do want to invite you once again to attend our "Hot Topics in Internet Marketing Conference" on Wed. May 18th at NIU Naperville. There is still time to register and to get 33% off the full price of $399. Thanks so much for your attention and I hope to see you there. TO REGISTER:
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