Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Event highlighted successful IM grads!

November 2, 2010 Interactive Marketing Student Advisory Board Inaugural Event Summary

Thanks to Will Johnson for this great event summary!

On November 2nd, 2010, the Interactive Marketing program played host to a packed house of aspiring interactive marketers. Four successful interactive marketing program students shared their stories on how they found their first positions outside of college and shared the skills that they had learned from the program.

Tara Vanderheyden Invitations By Design (Class of '05):
Tara found her first position from networking with the professionals who frequently enter Barsema Hall to guest lecture for interactive marketing students. During her time at, she was able to use her professional communication skills and knowledge of online marketing to develop a stronger relationship with partners.

From there Tara founded her own company, Invitations By Design. She admits that without her college of business training, she would not have been able to even fathom the idea of starting her own business. She is a strong proponent of networking with not only businesspeople, but with friends and family, as anyone can lead to a new opportunity.

Courtney Danner ARS Interactive (Class of '06):

Courtney, armed with her knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search, entered into a small agency right out of school. As the agency grew, so did her responsibilities and she quickly took up an account executive position. She now works with her clients to meet their business objectives using online channels. Courtney's work-life in an agency has been the most appealing for her and she encouraged the students to not rule out small companies and to instead, feel if a position is right for them and decide based on whether they could enjoy going to work everyday.

Ryan Eugene IT Supplies Class of '09):

Ryan graduated on a Saturday and started his job on the very next Monday. His overnight success was really a culmination of his studies in interactive marketing and then receiving a graduate degree in OM & IS from NIU as well. Ryan sought out a greater understanding of how data flows and is a strong proponent of life-long learning as he continues to improve his knowledge of technology. He found his position through the interactive marketing advisory board and has continued to take on responsibilities as he tacks on paid search campaigns and managing additional websites as a e-commerce webmaster for a mid-sized IT Supplies company.

Will Johnson Uline (Class of '10, degree expected in December)

Will found his position before he graduated. He received an SEO internship at Zebra Technologies through the interactive marketing program and then found a position at Uline, a large shipping supply company, performing paid search management. Will discovered Uline first through the many companies that students are exposed to in the program. His well-rounded knowledge of online marketing made him an ideal candidate even though he could only work part-time while completing his degree.

The career night gave students an idea of what to expect when entering the marketing world and allowed them to network with already successful alumni. After the event, amidst pizza and conversation, the current students shared their career hopes and the alumni gave a great deal of encouragement to these bright, future marketers.

This event was the first in a series of guest speaker events being held by the Interactive Marketing Student Advisory Board. Students on the advisory board meet with professionals who support the interactive marketing program and attend networking events from several marketing organizations.
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