Monday, September 15, 2014

Kyle Larson Reveals I-Mix Summer Program Secrets

Aurora University Student Attends Marketing EDGE's I-Mix Program 

My guest blogger this week is Kyle Larson,   He is a senior graduating in December 2014 from Aurora University with a major in Marketing and a minor in Digital Marketing. He was fortunate enough to be selected to attend Marketing Edge’s annual Summer I-Mix Program, held this year in Los Angeles, California. 

Kyle writes:  "This program was a great opportunity to learn more about marketing specifically as it related to direct marketing. The Summer I-Mix program brings students all over the country together who are currently interested in marketing and then immerses them in an interactive, hands-on experience that is nothing like what you could receive in a classroom. Each year the I-Mix program goes to another marketing company and this year we worked very closely with Guthy-Renker, the owners of Proactive, Wen hair products and Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford to name a few.  Although many of the students were from larger Universities across the country, I felt as though I was well-prepared by Aurora and was able to meet the challenges of the program and more than hold my own.

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Kyle Larson, Far Right, Third Row, Attends Marketing EDGE's Summer I-Mix Program

Guthy-Renker has passionate staff, involves students 

The company has done a phenomenal job when it comes to direct marketing and have an incredible staff that is passionate about what they do and that were eager to help the I-Mix students learn more about the field and the different components that go into it.  During these presentations we were offered opportunities to ask questions and gain perspective on how a direct marketing company works. This was a great opportunity that you can only get outside of the classroom and allowed for some great networking opportunities as well as insight. 

Students worked in teams on project; presented professionally

this program we were all assigned to groups of 5 to work on an actual marketing plan for Guthy-Renker for their X-Out product (a version of proactive for teenagers and young adults). This was a great project that allowed us to put to test everything that we had been learning throughout the week and then work with our fellow team to come up with the best plan. We also presented our work in front of a panel of 3 judges two of which were actually from Guthy-Renker. This gave an excellent opportunity to practice presenting and getting more comfortable doing so in front of marketing professionals. 

We also did some other great exercises one of which was a resume workshop where we got some great insight into what interviewees and job recruiters are looking for in applicants and how to make yourself look the best that you can on a piece of paper. We also worked with an improv team, which was a great way to loosen up and get creative ideas flowing better. It was also a fun way to get to know everyone better.  I developed friendships with other students from across the country.

Funding was provided which made program affordable

The program was affordable and Marketing Edge helps with the cost of transportation as well as hotel and food. I also received a scholarship from my local AMA student chapter which helped defray costs.  We stayed in a Courtyard Marriott right outside of Los Angeles in Culver City. It was a beautiful hotel with all the accommodations you would look for or expect. Generally you receive a roommate but due to uneven numbers I had my own room, complete with couch and mini kitchen and king size bed!  We also got to see a little bit of the surrounding area. One of the nights we went to Santa Monica Pier, where we ate dinner and got wristbands to ride the rides. We were able to walk on the beach and see a little bit of California. We also had our evenings free so we were able to go explore and see the different part of Los Angeles.  I would recommend this program to anyone interested in a career in direct and digital marketing."
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