Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Conversion Conference Reinforces DM Principles

I am reflecting on the Conversion Conference held in Chicago at the end of June, where I had to chance to moderate and attend sessions with both eMetrics and Conversion Conference.  There was a lot of interesting material at both conferences, particularly the incorporation of psychological principles, 'The Lizard Brain" into web site design.  Tim Ash, President and CEO of SiteTuners and Amy Africa, CEO of Eight by Eight, both mentioned these principles and the fact that consumers make decisions on a sub-conscious level about a web site almost as soon as they see it.  So we have to keep the web site simple and non-threatening as a result.

A particular trend I noticed in most of the talks was the incorporation of direct marketing principles throughout web design to increase conversion.  There was continued talk about A/B testing, having a good offer and using time deadline or some sense of urgency to increase response.  Some tried and true principles for direct response such as the 'free offer' still work online.  I wondered how many of the participants at the conference realized they were utilizing direct response techniques?  One presentation event suggested that we view Facebook friends as a 'list' and I have long said the real advantage of Facebook friends is to get further contact information to nurture the relationship.

In our courses in our Interactive Marketing program we require a Direct Marketing course as it is the basis of so much that is done on the internet.  We also included a chapter on Direct Marketing principles in our Internet Marketing textbook.

What other examples can you think of where direct response is used  in Internet Marketing?  Can we have a true Conversion Conference that incorporates all channels?  Let me know your thoughts.
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