Friday, June 22, 2012

Websites need to reinforce brand benefits

As I prepare to moderate two days of the Conversion Conference next Monday and Tuesday, I am reflecting on the blog comments and what people hope to get out of the conference.  For me, I have had several occasions this year to review web sites and still find that most small firms and some big ones, don't put what their company does and what the benefits are in clear language on the site.

Call it your benefits statement, key selling strategy, tag line or what you will, but it has to be on the home page of your web site.  Whether its service, selection or other benefits, let people know why they should buy from you.  New visitors need to know it and so do returning customers.

I like the Conversion Conference Website:  the Tag line is there and says it is all about the conversion and then there is another sentence restating that the benefit of attendance is to improve online marketing effectiveness.  By the way there is also a great call to action, 'Register Now.'

Sounds like a great two days and all part of a data drive business week in Chicago including the E-Metrics conference.  Want to join me here?  Say in YOUR blog why you should attend and if it is compelling, you can attending for $750! So ....join me on a speaker companion pass at Conversion Conference next week; Just send a blog post saying why you should go, pay $750!
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