Friday, January 27, 2012

CAC Group presents "Segmentology" in Database Class

Brad Rukstales, the CEO and President of CAC Group, spoke about his success in building databases and creating effective segmentation schemes for Morton's steakhouse. He gave valuable insight into how companies are using databases to engage their customers across channels to create meaningful customer experiences. He emphasized the importance of data analytics in marketing and the number of jobs there will be in the area. Conincidentally we are working on developing a data analytics track for the interactive marketing program.

I found the segmentology overview on the CAC web site a useful way to discuss marketing segmentation and show its value. The company takes lifestage, demographics and other information and compiles it in a proprietary database. Coupling that information with proprietary in-house data allowed Morton's steakhouse to identify its best customers and market to them accordingly. The group helps other customers in the same way.

Thanks, Brad for taking the time to visit us.

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