Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Internet Advertising

We talked last week about internet advertising and the fact that much of internet advertising is concentrated on search engine marketing, which is why we will focus on search engine marketing in class. The advertising business model is difficult to sustain because most internet advertising is focused on the top ten portal sites and it is hard to attract advertisers to a specialized, smaller, web site. The focus of marketers is on push versus pull marketing and there are more and different media forms each day such as blogging, podcasts, RSS, social media, etc. The marketing job is more complicated. These tools are used even in B2B marketing, with information-based tools such as e-zines being effective in B2B. We talked about the evolution from contextual to behavioral advertising, and then ended with an overview of viral video marketing. Short, quirky, engaging, funny and shocking works! This type of advertising is in its infancy so we will all be learning together for our class project. Don't forget to check out the tips in the links I provided in the class notes.
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