Thursday, May 21, 2009

Multichannel Marketing Class May 20th: Multiple and Electronic Media

There were a number of alternative ways that Newport News could use to obtain information about customers who had recieved a catalog but then not put in a key code when they entered their order or those who had just come in through the internet. We discussed asking a brief survey after the order (making sure that the survey did not increase shopping card abandonment) as well as using a 'matchback' process. Matchback involves sending purchase transaction history and catalog mailing data to a company that can essentially do a mail/merge and identify orders that came from those who had recently received a catalog; the firm sends the file back flagging potential matches and Newport News could use this file then to calculate ROI on its catalog mailings.

We had a presentation from Mike Malley from Con Agra on the multichannel media launch that was used to introduce the new Healthy Choice shelf stable meals. We could see the integration between the internet and more traditional media such as PR, Advertising and in-store promotion. Mike talked about using an email blast to loyal, opt-in healthy choice users, which was a good tie-in with out discussions on email marketing. We discussed that the CAN-SPAM act requires a valid reply to address, an opt-out provision, a street address and that the subject line be clearly labelled as promotional. Companies like Exact Target make it easy to be CAN-SPAM compliant. We evaluated some email offers to see if they were CAN-SPAM compliant and also evaluated the offer and the design based on the principles we had learned the prior evening.

We also talked about other electronic media channels, such as television and radio, which still have a place in today's media mix. Radio listeners don't switch channels as much but it is hard to use radio for direct response because people are often driving and can't always write down a number or dial the phone. Television advertising reinforces the brand message and Direct TV is a less expensive way of eliciting response, and is trackable and measurable, which we direct and interactive marketers really like. Health and fitness and products to make people look good are good targets for infomercials. Telphone is interesting because it can be both a media or promotional channel as well as a response channel. Inbound calling and B2B outbound are currently popular uses of the telephone by marketers because of the restrictions of the Do-Not-Call legislation.
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